Legal obligations for employers begin as soon as a job advertisement is placed in a vacancy column. Ensuring compliance is key for any employer weather it’s at recruitment stage, drafting agreements or ensuring Health and Safety codes are maintained and monitored.

A service we can offer is ensuring employers and management have the know how to deal with every day employment issues without being fearful that their actions will result in a personal grievance.

Another import service we can offer is providing advice when there is disagreement over performance issues or disciplinary issues. Following procedures enshrined in agreements and work place policy is required to keep a business functioning even when human resourcing issues are prevalent.


Employment relationships have become second only to family relationships in importance. Maintaining this relationship even though issues arise is a fine balancing act.

Sometimes the ability to mediate can be stressful and the filing of a personal grievance is the only way to assert your rights as an employee.

Representation when there are disputes and personal grievances are the two main services we offer employee clients. We aim to ensure clients get the best out of those processes, whether it ends at mediation, Employment Relations Authority or the Employment Court.

I am also appointed to represent children in the Family Court as a senior Lawyer for Child, and on the panel of Youth Advocates appointed to represent young persons in the Youth Court.

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