Care and Contact

When disputes arise between parents or caregivers about who a child should live with, we can help you work out care and/or contact arrangements and record the arrangements properly. If there is no agreement we can refer you to counselling, or, if necessary apply to the Court and represent you in the Family Court.


What school a child attends, where they live, what religious beliefs they follow, what medical treatments they need are all decisions that should be made by both parents as guardians. Sometimes guardians are unable to agree. We can assist you through a mediated or Family Court process to resolve such disputes.

Children Young Persons and their Families Service

We can advise you of your rights if CYFS have taken or are about to uplift your child. We can also represent you when you want your child returned. If you are a CYFS caregiver we can help you apply for day to day care if you want to take over legal responsibility for the child.


We can help you to arrange DNA tests and assist you through a Family Court process to prove paternity. If you have been served with Court papers stating that you are the father we can assist with your defence or request DNA testing if you are unsure whether you are the father.

Relationship Property

When people separate the Property (Relationships) Act states that relationship assets and debts should be divided equally. There are some exceptions which may apply to your situation. It is also possible for couples to agree on an unequal division if that is what they want.

Hague Convention and Relocation

If you wish to have your child returned to or from Australia, or you want to relocate overseas or within New Zealand with your child, we can assist you through the mediation and Family Court processes.

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